UpcomingIntro to Coding with Scratch Ages 9+

Ages 9+
We’ll be using the Scratch programming language that was developed at MIT to introduce students ages 8-16 to coding concepts.
Scratch is a great starting place for coding. It developed to make learning big concepts easier. Students will learn about loops, events, wait statements and variables at a level they can understand. Then, when they are ready to move onto text-based programming, they have this understanding already in place.
We realize that this class is overlapping Spring Break and Easter time.  If you have travel plans and can’t make a class, please let us know and we will prorate the tuition for you.  If too many will be gone, we could take one of those Fridays off and add it to the end of the schedule.
Fridays 5:30-6:20   Tuition: $50
This level assumes no previous experience.  We will start at the beginning with the basic layout and commands of Scratch.  We’ll introduce if/then statements and loops, switches, sensing and variables.
  • 04/07/2023
    5:30 pm CDT - 6:20 pm CDT
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