Introductory Robot Lab

Grades 3+ 8-week session Tuition: $120

Robotics is a great introduction to programming!

Robot Lab is a  fun, step-by-step introduction to robotics using Lego Mindstorms. No previous experience is required. Students learn how to make robots respond to the environment using light, sound, touch and ultrasonic sensors. 

Robots are programmed using an icon-based programming language that lets them quickly get their robots moving, while giving them a good foundation for how programming languages work and lots of practice with sequential thinking.

Our introductory course explores motors, sensors and basic programming.  Students can take that knowledge and apply it to fun challenges in other workshops like Bottle SumoBot, Robot Parade, and many others.

Lego Robot Lab

Grades 2-4  6-week session (second semester first graders welcome)  Tuition: $90

Do your kids love Legos?  They will love bringing them to life with motors, sensors and programming in Lego Robot Lab! We’ll use the Lego WeDo robotics sets to build birds that spin, alligators that chomp and more!  We’ll build  a new Lego model in each class.

We’ll learn lots of engineering vocabulary, but more importantly, students will get hands-on experience with gears, pulleys, cams and more.  The programming language used in this class was designed for young students so that they can experiment with programming as well.

All materials are provided.  Each student will have their own computer and robotics set to work with during class.

Game Design Basics

Ages 9+ 4-week sessions  Tuition: $60

Students build and design  2-D video games using  the MultiMedia Fusion  game engine. They will express themselves creatively in the artwork and game mechanics they choose for their games.  We’ll develop games over a 4 week period.  Each game will build on the skills in the last and introduce new concepts.  The goal is to encourage independence so that students will be able to continue developing their own games at home.

This workshop is offered both online and in-person.  Students in both types of classes enjoy sharing their creations with others.

Intro to Coding in Scratch

Grades 3-5 and Grades 5+  50-minute classes  6-week sessions Tuition: $75

No experience necessary. Students learn to express themselves digitally by creating animations, games, and stories using the Scratch programming language developed at MIT.  We’ll explore basic programming concepts and refine sequential thinking and problem solving skills.

Both age groups will follow similar curriculum, but the older age group moves a bit faster.


Ages 5-7 and 7-10 Tuition: $55 4 one-hour sessions

Lots of fun and full of hands-on projects. Your child will experience a variety of STEM projects in STEM Club, from programming in Scratch to building robots to creating circuits.  STEM stands for science, technology, engineering and math.  Many club meetings will touch on all 3. See each session’s description for the focus of the session.

STEM Club-Middle School

Middle School Tuition: $55 for 4 one-hour sessions

Each set of 4 sessions will focus on a different topic.  There will be lots of hands-on engineering projects, 3D design and printing, TinkerCAD Circuits and more.  See each sessions’ description to find out what will be covered.

Introduction to TinkerCAD Circuits

Middle and High School Tuition: $60 for 4 60-minutes sessions

Tinkercad Circuits is the easiest way to get started with learning electronics. Using an interactive circuit editor, students can explore, connect, and code virtual projects with a bottomless toolbox of simulated components.

Tinkercad is a free online collection of software tools that help people all over the world think, create and make. This means students can continue to experiment at home! 

Realistic Drawing

This four week class is for students who want to improve their drawing skills and attention to detail. Students will learn drawing basics, like structure, line, shading techniques, light and shadows, and more! Learn from a professional artist in a fun, encouraging atmosphere.

Students will receive a sketchbook and have access to drawing pencils. Ages 9+

About your teacher:

Hello! I’m Amy Hernandez Greenbank. I am an illustrator, painter, and muralist living in Missouri. I illustrate digitally, and my drawings are bright, happy, and nostalgic. I especially love creating illustrations for children’s books. I’ve written and illustrated a series of books for creative kids called Draw, Doodle, Use Your Noodle, which allows kids to illustrate along with me. I also have a series of sketchbook and journals featuring my illustrations called Doodle & Scrawl Journals. Aside from illustrating, I love large scale painting. You can find my murals in restaurants and buildings throughout mid-Missouri. At the moment, I am in the process of painting a 60 foot long mural in my downtown area.Teaching art classes is one of my favorite ways to share art. I love seeing students’ creativity bloom and often find inspiration from their enthusiasm. I’ve taught art classes for 9 years.


Maker Camps are 1 session classes that encourage hands-on explorations.  Past Maker Camps have included: LED Origami Bookmarks, stomp rockets, propeller powered cars, musical instruments, pneumatic cranes, and more.  Families are always welcome and encouraged to stay and build together.  Because each is a stand-alone class, you can sign up for those that interest you most and fit into your schedule.Tuition varies depending on the materials and labor costs for each class. See the current calendar for Makercamps on the schedule now.