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Badge 1: We’ll be learning about how robots are used and why.  You’ll get a chance to help us program a robot to do a dance and then we’ll use the Arduino Science Journal app to see how the sensors on a phone or tablet work. So, before the workshop, please download the free app.  Phones usually have more sensors available than tablets, so you’ll be able to do more experimenting if you download it to a phone.

Your workshop will last about 50 minutes.  

Supplies: Arduino Science Journal App downloaded to a phone or tablet.

Badge 2: Learn about biomimicry, design a robot bumblebee, and engineer a fun grabber!  We’ll be working on the Brownies Robotics Badge 2: Designing Robots. In this workshop we will complete Steps 1 and 2. You will need to do a bit of prep before the class.  


Supplies and Prep:  

Paper and pencil

Heavy recycled cardboard – 4 pieces 10 inches by 1.5 inches.  Have your child measure and mark.  Adults may need to cut. 

Sharp Pencil or screw driver for poking holes

4 1.5 inch brads (also called paper fasteners) 

3 or 4 rubber bands of different sizes

2 paint stirrers or rulers (these will be incorporated into our grabber project)

About 2 feet of string or yarn

Take a look at the cardboard above.  This is corrugated cardboard. It is an interesting building material:  in one direction, it is very pliable.  It will bend easily.  In the other direction, it is very strong and difficult to bend.  You’ll need to take this into account as you cut your cardboard. If you cut it the wrong way, your grabber will not be as strong.


Badge 3  In this workshop, we’ll explore real world problems and some robotic solutions people have some up with to solve them.  After getting some ideas, we’ll brainstorm some problems and possible solutions, then each Scout will pick a problem and design a prototype of a robot that would help to solve the problem.

Scouts could use their Bee Inspired Robot from Steps 1 and 2 or come up with a whole new robot.  Scouts will need a supply of recyclables and craft supplies to use in their creation.  Small cardboard boxes, lids, tape, scissors, paper and pencils are good places to start.  Things like pipecleaners, zipties, rubber bands and brads (fasteners) are good to have.  

We’ll plan, discuss and refine.  I anticipate this workshop lasting between 45 minutes and 1 hour.  

If you plan to work on badge 3, start now collecting pictures and samples of your work.  Badge 3 is a badge that scouts can work on on their own. 

Step one is to create a presentation on how you designed your robot and step two is to tell others how you designed your robot, so now is definitely the time to start recording the process.

  • Brownie Robotics Badge 1
    4:15 pm CST - 5:05 pm CST
  • Brownie Robotics Badge 2 (first half)
    4:15 pm CST - 5:05 pm CST
  • Brownie Robotics Badge 2 (second half)
    4:15 pm CST - 5:05 pm CST
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