Online Classes

Python Programming

Python Programming


Make a Driving Game - May 27-29 1:00-2:00  (Regularly $30  50% Discount - $15.00)

Program a Maze Game -June 2-4  1:00-2:00  (Regularly $30  50% Discount - $15.00)

Create a Platform Game-June 10-12 1:00-2:00  (Regularly $30  50% Discount - $15.00)

Create a Pong Game -  April 29-31 1:00-2:00    (Regularly $30  50% Discount - $15.00)

Level 2 - May  20-22, 1:00-2:00 (Regularly $30 50% Discount to $15)

       Level 2 classes will assume a knowledge of the ClickTeam Fusion Game 

       Engine. You'll be making a Platform Game.

Join us as we design our own video games with Click Team Fusion!  We're offering a 50% discount for these sessions as we refine our online skills:) So, three 50-minute classes for $15.   Our goal for the class is to end with a playable, customized video game  and to have a basic understanding of how programming works in the Clickteam Fusion game engine. 

We are using Zoom as our platform for classes and will send you an invitation once you are registered.

MultiMedia Fusion 2.5 will be our game design program.  The free trial version is very good.  Here is a download link:

Once you have  downloaded and installed, or if you have questions along the way, email us and we'll help you be sure you're ready for class.    Our goal will be to start class right on time, so it's important to test in advance. Just email us at and we'll set up a time for testing.

Our tests of game design online have been very successful!  With the screen share option in Zoom, we're able to look at each students program and help with any problems. We're also working to make it a social opportunity as well by opening up the meeting a few minutes early so we have a chance to talk with students in advance and get to know them and for them to get to know each other and form a fun, educational enviornment.

Please register here to hold your spot:    

Python Programming

Python Programming

Python Programming


Intro to Python  Wed-Fri May 20-22 10:00-10:50 (ages 10-13)

Intro to Python Wed-Fri May 20-22 2:30-3:20 (ages 13+)

Python 2 Wed-Fri May 27-29 2:30-3:30

Python Level 3 Wed-Fri May 13-15 from 2:30-3:20


Ages 10+ (if you have younger children interested, contact us and we'll set up a separate class.  The hardest thing so far has been the limitation on typing speed for younger children.  They understand the concepts, but need more typing time during class.)

Get ready to learn Python!  No experience is necessary, but good typing skills are important.  We'll focus on learning programming through some cool art projects.  You'll learn about variables, loops, lists and more as you create some amazing designs.

We use Zoom for this class.  After you've registered, we'll send you an invitation that will last all week.  Be sure you've downloaded and tested Zoom before class.  We recommend access to both voice and video during class.  This makes it so much easier to get to know each other and to see if people are having any problems.

Here is a link to a video  for help downloading and installing Python:

We've enjoyed our online classes so far, and want you to have a great experience,  so once you have all the programs downloaded and installed, email us at  and we'll set up a time to test and be sure all is working properly.  

Please register here to hold your spot:  

MIT App Inventor

Robot Lab At Home

Robot Lab At Home


MIT App Inventor- Intro Class , Sat May  15         10:00-10:50

 Ready to program your own Android app?  Join us for this fun intro to MIT App Inventor, a program that makes designing your own app easy!  No experience necessary.  We recommend this class for ages 10+, but a bit younger would be fine with a hands-on adult helper. Tuition: $5

Supplies needed: an Android phone and a computer.  You'll need to download MIT AI2 Companion to your phone (it's free and on the Play store).  App Inventor is an online program, so no need to download.  Here's the link:    

We'll open the Zoom meeting a few minutes early so you can test, or, we can set up a time with you to test to be sure everything is working as it should.    The phone doesn't not need to be new or expensive. It does need to be an Android phone. Register here:

Robot Lab At Home

Robot Lab At Home

Robot Lab At Home


You'll get a Lego Mindstorms robotics kit to use at home for 6 weeks.  LabSpace will provide at least 3  thirty-minute Google Hangout Classes and will be available to help with questions via email and video call.  We'll give you basic programming instruction and ideas on challenges you can try.

You will need a computer with the Lego software downloaded and installed.  Here is the link: 

The cost is $75 for a 6-week rental.  You will need 6 AA batteries to use the kit.  We recommend having extras on-hand if the kit will be used a lot.  At this time, we can only supply kits for pick-up in the Jefferson City/Holts Summit area.

Payment will be through PayPal.  There will be a $100 charge for any kit not returned at the end of the rental period.  

Physical Computing

 Physical Computing with Micro:Bit is a new class for us.  We love the Micro:Bit.  It's a small, inexpensive microprocessor that gives us access to lots of sensor information.  We'll be learning how to take that information and use it in our programming.  We'll focus on learning to use the Micro:bit along with Scratch to control images, trigger sounds and more.  

We recommend ages 10+ for this class, but a younger student who has an adult helped available could easily be successful.  Materials Needed: Micro:bit, PC and internet.

Tuition is $30 and includes a Micro:bit to keep. This is a live, online class. We will send a Zoom invitation to those who are registered. We can arrange pick-up or delivery in the Jefferson City/Holts Summit area. If you are outside of our area, you can order a Micro:bit and we'll discount your tuition by $15. 

Check out this video of some of the fun you can have with a Micro:bit 


Girl Scout Badge Workshops

We would love to tailor a workshop for your troop!  Online options available. We have badges in robotics, coding, game design, stop motion, engineering and more!  Just call (573) 645-0800 or email us for more info.  The cost for workshops varies with each workshop, but runs between $5 and $30.