LabSpace At Home

Need supplies to complete your LabSpace at Home projects? Let us know.  Some of what we have can be found here, but we couldn't list everything, so contact us and we'll see if we can help out!


 We know our students are feeling out of sorts with all the changes to life during the COVID19 crisis.  We hope that some LabSpace Projects at Home will help a bit!  Don't forget to share videos of what you made to inspire the rest of us!  Be sure to check out our online Video Game Design and Python Programming Classes on our on-line class schedule.


The challenge is to build a car out of only things you have around the house.  What can you create?  Here's a link to written instructions and the wheel template. 

For a video click here:

Build a Car Challenge (pdf)


Experiment with your car

This video will show you how to make a launcher for your car to send it zipping across the floor!  Can your car hold a passenger safely?  Experiment with inertia.

Pringles Ball Launcher

You'll need: 1 empty Pringle's can with the bottom cut out, one water or soda bottle, 5 rubber bands and something like a paper wad or ball to launch.  This is a great way to experiment with elastic potential energy!  Have fun--and don't forget to post a picture or video of your project on our Facebook page!

Make a rocket with paper, tape and a straw


Today's LabSpace At Home Project is a rocket and launcher.  You'll need paper, tape, a straw, and scissors.  

It's always fun to send things flying through the air! Make several rockets and experiment-add fins to some and no fins to others.  Is the flight the the same?  If not, what changes?

How about some math-you'll be measuring to draw your rectangle-try to measure how far your rocket flies.  Which flies the farthest?  If you measure in inches, challenge yourself to convert that to feet.

We'd love to see your rockets in action-post a video or photo below.   Look for other LabSpace At Home 

Make a Copter Game

A fun game to make from things you have at home.  You'll need paper, scissors, paper clips and a bowl.  You'll be making helicopters that fall like the seeds from certain trees.  You can read about there here: .  Once you've made your copters, throw them up in the air and try to land them in a bowl or on a target.

Beware, this video shows the effects of trying to bring the contents of 

LabSpace into an already full piano studio:)

Secret Treasure Holder

Make a treasure holder for all your amazing finds!  You'll need an empty jar with a lid, a toilet paper tube, glue, and something to fill the jar with.   Hope you have fun!


Make a House with an Elevator

Make a house, with an elevator, for your toys!  You'l need one box and probably part of another, string or yarn, a bbq skewer (or pencil, or stick), and things to decorate with!  Have fun and be sure to send us pictures!



Make a robot that wiggles around everywhere!  You'll need a ruler or paint stirrer, 2 AA batteries, a battery holder, a hobby motor and glue stick and decorating supplies.  If you need a kit, we have them available for $5. Just email